• Building Sand
  • Garden Soil
  • Backfill
  • G5 Filling
  • G7 Filling


Stone Namibia KG Sand & Stone
  • 13mm Klip
  • 19mm Klip
  • Garden Pebbles +- 20-100mm sized Stone
  • Gabion Rocks +- 150-400mm Rocks



KG Sand & Stone Bricks
  • Mariental Bricks super, standard and pavers
  • Super Bricks, 7 & 14 MPA
  • Standard Bricks 7 & 14 MPA
  • all type of pavers
  • interlocks, 60 & 80mm 25 & 35 MPA
  • Uis Bricks, NFX, Rock Face and FBA Dark


KG Sand & Stone Cement

Cement Ohorongo 32,5 & 42,5

We are supplier of Namclay Uis Bricks in Windhoek

We have all Uis bricks and pavers on stock.

Namclay Bricks
Namclay Uis Bricks
Namclay Uis Bricks
Namclay Uis Bricks
Namclay Uis Bricks

We can also source and supply all other building supplies you need for your build.


We offer the following transport services:

  • 4×4 transport 6,5-ton Truck only or 12-ton Truck and Trailer
  • 12-ton Truck only or 18-ton Truck and Trailer
  • Horse and Trailer (Super link) 13,5m and up to 35 to
  • Lowbeds
  • 15m³ Tippers
  • 22m³ Rear end Tipper’s / Sloper’s

Transport is within Namibia only.


We have a wide variety of containers for hire and for storage. We have 3, 6 & 12m containers.

6m containers we have an option from storage (hire and storage) to site offices (with and without electricity) and open top containers.


Big Plant

  • Dozers
  • Graders
  • Loaders
  • TLB’s (backhoe loaders / JCB’s)
  • 5m³ Tippers
  • 15m³ Tippers
  • 22m³ Tippers / Sloper’s
  • 4×4 Crane Trucks
  • 4×6 Drop side Trucks
  • Horse and Super link combination
  • 4×6 Horse
  • Drawbar trailers
  • Vehicle trailers
  • Luggage trailers

Small Plant

  • Concrete mixers 50 & 200 litres electric and petrol
  • Plate compactors
  • Rammers
  • Pokers
  • Drive units
  • Generators
  • Generator welders
  • Concrete cutters
  • Electric pavement breakers (jack hammers) small, medium and large
  • Jig saws
  • Circular saws
  • Concrete drills (electric and battery)
  • Drills (electric and battery)
  • Grinder’s 115 & 230 mm (115mm electric and battery)
  • Magnetic drills
  • Chain saws two stroke
  • Chain saws long neck two stroke
  • Chain saws battery operated


We can do all types of Earth Works, from building of Dams to cleaning of Dams, opening of Fire Roads, Power Lines and De-bushing. We also do Bulk Earth moving and Earth Works as well as stockpiling for different purposes ( Filling for Road construction, building sand ect.)

With rental of our Machines you are able to get things done as you like.